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Set above a 10 million gallon aquifer that provides some of the coldest and purest water in the entire state, Shattuck Brewery sits nestled among trees and mountains near the town of Elk River, Idaho. Owner and brewmaster Nate Schwartz brews on a custom 10 bbl system and creates ales in the true Northwest fashion. Locally sourced ingredients, bold flavors, clean water, and emphasis on an ever-evolving line of seasonal and rotational beers that keep the beer lover in all of us trying new flavors and wanting more.

Shattuck Brewery is synonymous with incredible Idaho craft beer. Brewed with love, skill, and inspiration.


Owner and Brewmeistro Nate Schwartz is no stranger to brewing incredible ales.  His love for trying new flavors transfers over to his passion for creating new beers, which is why you'll always find an ever-evolving lineup of Shattuck brewskies.  His brewery is his playground and his joy is a testament to the beer.

Beer enthusiast, brewery operator and COO Sam Schumacher has two goals in mind:   First, to make sure the brewery succeeds in creating remarkable beer.   The second, to put that beer on display and make sure that your glass is never dry....ever!

On behalf of everybody at Shattuck, we hope to see you at the brewery for a pint!

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